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Thanks for stopping by. Below is a mashup of some of my recent stuff (videos, photos, blog posts, and software). Just use one of the links above to drill into an area.
Antelope Canyon 2 years ago
Found inside Navajo Nation, near Page, Arizona is Antelope Canyon, the most photographed and visited slot canyon in the American Southwest. For good reason!
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Desert Highway 2 years ago
Travel through Nevada, Utah, and Arizona beginning in Las Vegas, heading north on I-15 we'll pass through Mesquite, driving all the way to Page as the final destination.
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Valley of Fire 2 years ago
A relatively famous spot for filming movie scenes and magazine ads. Check out the oldest state park in Nevada, just an hour away from Las Vegas. Formed during the age of the dinosaurs and previously the land of the Ancie . . . [More]
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Extraterrestrial Highway 2 years ago
Dodge some flying saucers, check out the Black Mailbox, and explore SR-375, Groom Lake Road, and the Little A'Le'Inn. All found on this eerie and mysterious looking highway.
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Hoover Dam 2 years ago
Nestled in the walls of Black Canyon stands Hoover Dam, separating Arizona and Nevada, and responsible for restraining the largest reservoir in the United States, Lake Mead.
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Fly to Vegas 2 years ago
Sail above the clouds and get an aerial view of Lake Tahoe, Mount St. Helens, Mono Lake, Mount Hood, Lake Mead, and Mount Jefferson. Last but not least is Las Vegas itself showing off its friendlier side in daylight.
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Winter Highway 2 years ago
Starting in the state of Washington, travel through Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and California to see how the winter transforms from a snowy, white green to a dry, barren desert.
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Seattle Trek 2 years ago
Catch a glimpse of the first Starbucks, Bruce Lee's resting place, the Jimi Hendrix Memorial, Pike Place Market, Seattle Gum Wall, Olympic Sculpture Park, and more. So many crazy and awesome things in this city!
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Photosynth of the Great Basin Highway 2 years ago
Following up on an earlier post about Photosynth's new 3D modeling capabilities, I decided to try it out and post a scene I happened to snag from the Great Basin Highway. Just click the thumbnail to begin interact . . . [More]
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Bluffing the Burglar 2 years ago
Perhaps you don't have the time, money, or patience to install a surveillance system but would like to take at least SOME measures to improve the safety of your home. Certainly this is not the most secure method, but it' . . . [More]
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