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   Gizmo Drive
Mount ISOs, encrypted hard drive images to a virtual drive
   Gizmo Script
Automate your PC and execute functions using script
   Gizmo Database
Query Analyzer and stored procedure analyzer
   Gizmo Editor
Colorizing text editor and hex/binary editor
   Gizmo Hasher
Calculate hash values for files, folders, and drives


Download Gizmo

     Downloading the Complete Package is the easiest way to install all of the modules. If you are only interested in a specific module, you can always choose the desired modules during the installation process.

Download the Complete Package

Gizmo Central v2.7.9 (8 MB) Free
      (Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit OS)

Note: if you are upgrading from an earlier version, simply run the installer on top of your existing installation (you do not have to uninstall first).

Thank you for using Gizmo. Please check out our sponsors while waiting for you download to finish.

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